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The “Must Have” Resource Guide of Women Authors on Spiritual Abuse and Their Take on the Journey to Wholeness

You don't have to feel alienated anymore because of spiritual abuse.  It's a welcome relief to find support in a community of women who, just like you, are searching for healing.  That's what you can find here in the Spirituality Classroom.   To get started download this FREE  Resource Guide of "Women Authors and Their Take on the Journey to Wholeness."  

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Download the Resource Guide Now and Get the Details on Beginning your Journey Toward Your own Wholeness.  This Guide Includes Resources that can:

  • Help you find a compassionate companionship
  • Relieve your stress,
  • Re-ignite your hope, and 
  • Renew Your prayer life

Welcome! I'm Dorothy Gremillion 

I'm an Episcopal priest, a Spiritual Life Coach, and I'm a spiritual abuse survivor.  My search for wholeness, to find my own "Ultimate Creative Potential in Christ" has taken me more than four decades.  Because of my own struggle for spiritual growth past my brokenness, I have studied many aspects of human woundedness, healing and wholeness, and I have gleaned new insights and words of wisdom.  I want very much to help you through your struggle by sharing those insights with you.  To accept my invitation, download "Women Authors on Spiritual Abuse and Their Take on the Journey to Wholeness."  And you will receive a weekly reminder when I've posted a new blog entry.




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